SYA Reply to Jackson Ng Own Foot Brain Regarding CSL /MCA Article in Malaysia Today


HE MCA and its scandal-tainted president Chua Soi Lek claim that they represent the Chinese community in Malaysia. I say: “My foot!”

I checked out the 325 (March 25) Dong Jiao Zhong (DJZ) protest assembly this morning and it did not disappoint me. The atmosphere at the near 10,000-people crowd was electrifying and uncompromising.

Scores of banners adorned the 325 venue – the New Era College in Kajang – but not a single one was put up by MCA or any other BN component party. What a shame!

The protest was about Chinese education but the MCA did not have the guts to be associated with the event.

And the MCA president Chua had the gall to be quoted by a vernacular Chinese newspaper today that such a protest was useless and a waste of time.

Is Chua implying the protesting Chinese community is stupid? Is Chua saying the Chinese must just remain timid and accept their “fate” in Malaysia?

Is Chua implying the crowd on the New Era College football field is stupid to stage 325

The crowd at one of the sections with live telecast of 325 in New Era College

Only Deputy Education Minister and MCA Youth chief Wee Ka Siong made a surprise appearance.

He must have thought and expected a grand welcome reception from the assembly organisers and the crowd. How disappointing and wrong he must be thinking now.

More than a dozen policemen had to form a human shield to escort Wee in and out of the college ground because he was greeted by jeers and boos by the crowd.

Negri Sembilan’s Paroi assemblyman (PAS) Mohamed Taufek Abd Ghani (3rd from left) and his supporters at 325

Isn’t it an irony that a MCA deputy education minister had to  “fear” for his life this way when PAS delegations were greeted with applause, handshakes and smiles?

The PAS delegations were able to walk around freely and comfortably without any fear for their safety.

If the sentiments of the Chinese-dominated crowd at the 325 are any indication of the political mood of the Chinese, the MCA and BN are as good as buried in the next general election.

Negri Sembilan’s Paroi assemblyman Mohamed Taufek Abd Ghani (PAS), who led a 20-member delegation to 325, said: “We are here today because we support fair and just education policies and the right of the people to mother-tongue education. As you can see, even the Indian community is here today to lend their support.”


No 1 : How do you come to a conclusion that MCA and Chua Soi Lek did not represent the Chinese Community in Malaysia? From your article I can pre conclude that just because MCA do not put up a banner in this 325 event then your foot brain claim that MCA and CSL do not represent the Chinese Community?

No 2 : I would like to know how your foot brain level understanding of the Philosophy of a Banner? A banner in larger context can also mean representation or a symbol. You know what are the differences between Pakatan Rakyat and BN in this context? For Pakatan Rakyat by just carrying Banner then they can straight jump into a conclusion that they are the fighter an champion for the Chinese Community. Wee Ka Siong is both MCA/BN banner on that day. 

No 3 : To be fair and neutral. Will you give credit to Wee Ka Sing from MCA? If he dint attend then for sure you will write there not even a single MCA leaders who is there in the event. But now when he is there not only you wont give credit to him but I already know what are the other attacks or arrow that you will actually shoot him. If your perimeter of MCA is the representative of the Chinese community by just attending the event then we already reach your benchmark .

No 4 : Is Wee Ka Siong from MCA is not brave enough or having enough guts to be prepared to be punch by PR supporters in that event? I know what you will say. Pakatan Rakyat send a lot of their leaders there but MCA only send 1. Then tell me even 1 event that is anti or against Pakatan Rakyat in the history where even 1 of their members will be there? In this issue MCA leader is way much more brave than all the PR leaders that will only attend event that will give them political advantage and also event that is not against them. )

No 5 : See how your stupid foot brain draw a stupid conclusion again. Useless and waste of time is equal to stupid? Useless and waste of time in his context is about this protest will never solve the problem. Tell us now by this protest will the issue actually solve? So is your stupid foot brain that claim the crowd is stupid by putting words into another person words or perhaps you twisted it in your own way.

No 6 : If Wee Ka Siong have thought to be expected a grand welcoming like you claim than why on earth as you wrote that there a dozen of policemen had to form shield to escort him? So what is this event all about? Is about Chinese Education or is about PR supporters trying to punch , shout and protest against Wee Ka Siong?

No 7 : For sure PAS can walk in there without fear as most of the crowd there are PR supporters. Those are a bunch of bias PR supporters that will bow to PAS Hudud , Islamic Agenda , Ban on Pork , Alcohol and even Valentine Day where there not even a single protest against PAS. On the other hand never in Malaysia MCA history any of MCA supporter will be so violent. So even if there is any MCA supporter in that event for sure PAS will feel safe as MCA supporters are not like their own supporters.

Now answer to my question ,

No 1 : After being in power for 4 years long Pakatan Rakyat had rule 4 states and in that 4 states what or how much they have done for the Chinese Education?

No 2 : What programme do they have in each state to develop more mandarin teacher?

No 3 : How many schools they had help in their own state for the last 4 years?

No 4 : PAS can carry banner as they like but what have they done in Kelantan and Kedah for Chinese Education ?

No 5 : Name me even 1 manifesto about Chinese Education in Pakatan Rakyat Buku JINGGA and election manifesto?

No 6 : Name me even 1 manifesto in PAS party about Chinese Education?

No 7 : As the leader of Pakatan Rakyat and PR ideal Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim what he had done for the Chinese School when he was the Education Minister and also Deputy Prime Minister once upon a time? Okay. Some may say past is past then tell me now after he is out from jail and leading Pakatan Rakyat so long what are the even 1 thing that he actually fought for our Chinese Education ? Please name me 1 that Anwar had done for the Chinese Education after leading PR for 4 years long.

No 8 : To DAP that is trying so hard to win over the Malay votes had increase the salary of Islamic religious leaders in Penang but what have they done to the Chinese teacher over there? Do they do the same to the Chinese teacher over there?

In conclusion Jackson Ng is right because his views is representing his own FOOT.

Shen Yee Aun





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