Loan from Bank and not Loan Shark

Oleh : Shen Yee Aun

MCA is the legal political party for the Chinese Community ( Bank ) comparing to DAP status as a Chinese representative party from Pakatan Rakyat in the view of the public ( Loan Shark).

DAP and MCA contested in almost all the Chinese Majority Area and now DAP further claim that they are multiracial and yet at the same time I don’t understand how or why on earth there are certain public who thinks that they are a political party that will Champion for the Chinese Rights?

After Mac 2008 if you look at the election statistic properly actually you will realize that Chinese loses more seats in Parliament although public belief that the rise of DAP = The Rise of Chinese.

But statistic will never lie.

So is the rise of Pakatan Rakyat ,  Anwar and DAP is the Rise of None Malay in Politics? Analyze and interpret the chart yourself .

In general we know that to borrow money from loan shark is way easier ,faster and more convenient but to borrow money from a bank is way slower and it takes a lot of trouble.

Why all this happen? Because there no colour to define DAP.

DAP has gained substantial ground with Chinese voters. Chinese voters identify more with DAP than with MCA.

At least MCA is either Black or White ( bank – legal – Chinese ).

What about DAP? Is grey. Is not black or white. In the white area they will claim they are white and in the black area they will claim that they are black . That is the same strategy that our great Anwar apply.

And that is why at the end of the day the Chinese loses less representative in the parliament but people do not know or feel it just because of the perception that DAP created or sell to the public.

Also in our country history of 50 years we are having the least Chinese Cabinet in the Government.

A vote to DAP is a vote to decrease the number of representative of none Malay in the government.

Please dearest Malaysian ,

Do not take the short cut.  Is easier to buy the concept that DAP is selling compare to MCA but in reality populist policy will not bring our community , country and nation any good in the long run.

Bank is slower and harder but the interest rate is hundred to a thousand times much lower than loan shark. They are also way much secure.

Do not gain something through the easy way. It nice to touch , nice to see but that do not mean is nice to eat. Once bitten twice shy.

Go for bank. At least they are the legal financial institution by law legally. MCA is the Chinese Party legally in Malaysia and so far is the one and the only one.

DAP? Is the loan shark. At anytime they can claim that they are Chinese then none malay then indian then malay then multi racial ACCORDING TO THEIR CONVENIENT ? Is too grey !





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